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This shoot checked off so many boxes on my photographer bucket list. I got to work with so many local Utah wedding vendors. The stunning dress was provided by Bitsy Bridal in Sugarhouse. I loved the way that lace eyelashed all along the fringe. The bride’s bouquet was absolutely perfect and expertly designed by Bloomique […]


July 2, 2019

Boho Love |Moab, UT

Dallas Texas | Down Home Wedding Jonathan and Presley’s wedding was an amazing experience. Traveling to Dallas to spend the day with their kindness and positivity was so moving! Presley looked absolutely stunning and her sister took out all the stops turning their chapel into a down-home glitzy wonderland. All the guests were so amazing, […]


May 2, 2019

Jonathan + Presley

I literally cannot get over how cute these two are. They are every photographers dream to work with, not becuase they are absolutely gorgeous but because they are sOOOOOO in love!!  In home sessions are quickly becoming my favorite thing to capture, a couple is most natural in their home. You get to see everything […]


November 2, 2018

Emma + Jesse

Jonny and Mariah are the hommies next door. Jonny was my roommate this past year and he got himself engaged to this BABE! Mariah is an amazing woman and I just friggin love working with them, hanging with them etc. Friends foreverzzz. 


November 2, 2018

Jonny + Mariah

This super cute couple came all the way from North Carolina for these adorable engagement¬†photos.¬† I was blown away by how much they loved each other and you could totally tell in the gentle way they interacted with each other. It’s every Utah Wedding Photographers’ dream to find such a cute couple to capture! Falon’s […]


October 7, 2018

Samuel + Falon

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